Spoiler Section

What Is a Spoiler Section?

I’ve often had the experience of finishing a book and then wondering what the author had to say about it. Questions like, “Why did they choose that ending?” or “Was this inspired from their life?” roam through my mind. I’m always curious if the practical applications or symbolism I got out of the book are anything close to what the author had in mind when they were writing it.

So, in case any of you are like me, I’ve decided to create a Spoiler Section. But it is a spoiler section.

Spoiler Alert: The Spoiler Section Will Have Spoilers!

I personally absolutely hate having a book or movie spoiled for me, so I won’t do that to you. Below you’ll find a link for each book or series that I’ve written so you can view only items that relate to what you’ve read. I hope you visit these pages only after reading the book each section is about, because once you click through the posts will contain a variety of spoilers.

If You Still Want to Know More

If you read a book and have a specific question that doesn’t seem to be addressed, feel free to contact me and submit your question to be answered.

One last warning for those of you who skipped the introduction to this page: click only the book(s) you’ve read, because from here on out there will be spoilers.